Poll #1430326 - Posted: 10 hours ago
Would you wear pajamas all day if you could?
Poll #1430325 - Posted: 13 hours ago
Would you rather your favorite food be vanished or favorite drink?
Poll #1430324 - Posted: 14 hours ago
Who is the better couple on the vampire diaries?
Poll #1430323 - Posted: 15 hours ago
Chocolate Milk or Hot Chocolate?
Poll #1430322 - Posted: 17 hours ago
How old are you?
Poll #1430321 - Posted: 18 hours ago
If there is a poll that is very long, do you read it or do you just pick a random answer so you don’t have to read something long?
Poll #1430320 - Posted: 19 hours ago
Poll #1430319 - Posted: 20 hours ago
Marvel or DC
Poll #1430318 - Posted: 20 hours ago
Watermelons are 95% water. Jesus can walk on water. Humans can walk on water melons. If we can walk on watermelons are we 95% Jesus?
Poll #1430317 - Posted: 20 hours ago
Do you think anyone ever does the funny answers I. Wonder polls?

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