Poll #1432623 - Posted: ago
Would you rather be shanked, or be on the run for shanking
Poll #1432622 - Posted: ago
Poll #1432621 - Posted: ago
Which country in Europe would you like to visit?
Poll #1432620 - Posted: ago
I was so young when I wrote a lot of my comments on here. Even my random top comments on featured polls.
Poll #1432619 - Posted: ago
Excuse me ARE Japanese and And chinese the same thing
Poll #1432618 - Posted: 4 hours ago
It’s December 3rd. It is 8 pm and it will take at least 4 hours to finish your homework. What do you do?
Poll #1432616 - Posted: 8 hours ago
Poll #1432615 - Posted: 10 hours ago
Poll #1432614 - Posted: 12 hours ago
Poll #1432613 - Posted: 12 hours ago
Ja'Rizen Barber as Ja'Vione said for Sierenridty, if Mykiah whip her how will I feel?

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