Poll #1437274 - Posted: ago
Have you played the late night diapers game at a baby shower?
Poll #1437273 - Posted: ago
With Sony walking away from Disney over the Spider-Man rights, where would you like to see Spider-Man end up going forward?
Poll #1437272 - Posted: ago
Where would you stake out during the apocalypse?
Poll #1437271 - Posted: 1 hour ago
How many laps do you usually get on the Pacer test?
Poll #1437270 - Posted: 1 hour ago
Hey guys, I just dropped my first song. Hit the link and let me know what you think?
Poll #1437269 - Posted: 7 hours ago
Poll #1437268 - Posted: 8 hours ago
Which fast food restaurant are you likely to go to?
Poll #1437267 - Posted: 16 hours ago
What time of day are you reading this poll?
Poll #1437266 - Posted: 18 hours ago
Have you ever peed in the shower?
Poll #1437265 - Posted: 18 hours ago
Do you like Ketchup?

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