Poll #989090 - Posted: 1 minute ago
I hate, hate, hate everyone. But that's okay I can use my screams to blow them all away. I bet dead people are a lot easier to get along with.
Poll #989089 - Posted: 2 minutes ago
Do you like Hotdogs or Hamburgers?
Poll #989088 - Posted: 3 minutes ago
Trusting someone not to hurt you... how idiotic is that?
Poll #989087 - Posted: 14 minutes ago
Poll #989086 - Posted: 23 minutes ago
Are you at school right now
Poll #989085 - Posted: 24 minutes ago
Favourite country from the uk?
Poll #989084 - Posted: 25 minutes ago
Poll #989083 - Posted: 26 minutes ago
Poll #989082 - Posted: 28 minutes ago
What do you think of when you look at this?
Poll #989081 - Posted: 30 minutes ago
Are you a "people person"?

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