Poll #1413136 - Posted: ago
Which handheld game system would you rather own?
Poll #1413135 - Posted: ago
What movie was better?
Poll #1413134 - Posted: ago
Do you think there might be a few Roman Catholic Churches that are performing same-sex marriages “underground?”
Poll #1413133 - Posted: ago
If theres 10 cheerleaders then which cheerleader is the cheerLEADER?
Poll #1413132 - Posted: 21 minutes ago
Poll #1413131 - Posted: 36 minutes ago
What is more important to you all, the concept of society continuing or your own survival? (This is for actual research.)
Poll #1413130 - Posted: 49 minutes ago
Poll #1413129 - Posted: 1 hour ago
Is marching band a sport
Poll #1413128 - Posted: 1 hour ago
Poll #1413127 - Posted: 2 hours ago
Should i make a twitter?

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