Wonder Polls im_very_tired
One time my friend shaved off her eyebrows because she was bored.

Wonder Polls IndiaGolfNinerNiner
No hair means no eyebrows

Wonder Polls MathildaMae
Oh wait now that I’m looking at the comments I see that it meant no hair at alllllll but I still was gonna pick no eyebrows

Wonder Polls MathildaMae
I freaking LOVE my hairrrr

Wonder Polls Just a random girl
Just a random girl
No hair is also no eyebrows. Eyebrows are hair...

Wonder Polls Gucci Gawd
Gucci Gawd
Ima be on my xxxtentacion type shi- πŸ˜€πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

Wonder Polls Tea Lizard
Tea Lizard
If you have no hair you have no eyebrows

Wonder Polls Destructor the waffle
Destructor the waffle
your eyebrows are your hair and you can just draw eyebrows

Wonder Polls briant85
no hair cuz that means i wouldn't have to shave, could use fake lashes, could draw on my eyebrows, and i hate my hair so i could use a wig

Wonder Polls oxZoexo
Imma draw them on, that's what basic b*tches do these days anyways

Wonder Polls Nat2lee
Most girls just draw on there eyebrows anyways

Wonder Polls A.Tones
Eyebrow pencil ✏️😯

Wonder Polls SmokedHamm
Technically if you woke up with no hair then your eyebrows would be gone too...